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Curriculum Vitae


Kun Yang, M.D.

Kun Yang, MD

Associate Professor

Director of Biological psychiatry Research

Department of Clinical Psychology

General  Hospital,

Tianjin  Medical University

154 Anshan Road,

Heping District,

Tianjin 300052

Phone: +86-22-60363186

Email: yangkun812@163.com



MSMental HealthInstitute, Xinxiang Medical College, Xinxiang, China, 2004

MDMental Health, Central Southern University, Changsha, China, 2007

Professional Experience

2017.7-Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, Tianjin Medical University, General Hospital,Tianjin, China

2009.6-2017,6Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Tianjin Anding Hospital, Tianjin, China

2007.7-2009.5Instructor, Department of Psycho-medical science, Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin, China



Yang K, Xie G, Hu Y, Mao F, Su L. Association study of astrocyte-derived protein S100B gene polymorphisms with major depressive disorder in Chinese individuals. Can J Psychiatry2009545):312-319First author


Yang K, Xie GR, Hu YQ, Mao FQ, Su LY. The effects of gender and numbers of depressive episodes on serum S100B levels in major depression. J Neural Transm. 2008115:1687-1694First author

Yang K, Xie G, Zhang Z, Wang C, Li W, Zhou W, Tang Y. The level of serum IL-6,IL-1β,TNF-α and leptin and their correlations in depression. Aust N Z J Psychiatry200741265-273First author

Yang K, Hu Y, Xie G, Mao F, Su L. No association of the rs9722 C/T in the S100B gene and susceptibilityto major depression in a Chinese population. Genet Test. 2008 12(4):487-489 First author

Li H, Yu X, Yang K*, He C, Kou S, Cao S, Xie G*. The relationship between SNPs in 5-HT2A signal transduction-related genes and the response efficacy to SSRIs treatments in Chinese patients with major depressive disorder. Genet Test Mol Biomarkers2012,16(7):667-671. (Correspondence author)

Cui J, Yang K, Yu X, Li J, Zhang Y, Li H.Chronic Fluoxetine Treatment Upregulates the Activity of the ERK1/2-NF-κB Signaling Pathway in the Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex of Rats Exposed to Forced-Swim Stress. Med Princ Pract2016;25(6):539-547Correspondence author





National Natural Science Fund of China (30900484)


the Science Fund of Tianjin Bureau of PublicHealth (2010KR10).




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