Academic Forum by Overseas Distinguished Professors

Topic: Mast Cells and Neonatal Lung Disease

Speaker:Prof. Randi B. Silver

Time:April. 23, 201814:00pm

Venue: ConferenceRoom, 2nd Floor, Graduate School Building, Tianjin Medical University

Randi B. Silver :

Dr. Randi B. Silver is the Associate Dean of WeillCornell Graduate School, and a professor of Physiology and Biophysics at WeillCornell Medicine. Dr. Silver received her PhD in the department of physiologyand biophysics from Brown University, and then she carried out her postdoctoraltraining in the department of physiology and biophysics at Weill CornellMedicine where she studied the characterization and regulation of iontransporters in the renal cortical collecting duct. Later, she focused on thepathological role of local angiotensin formation in the heart, kidneys andlungs. She is currently investigating the role of mast cells in pulmonaryfibrosis, BPD, and wound healing. As a PI, her work has been funded byfoundations and federal grants such as NIH. In addition, she has a number ofinvention patents. Her representative papers were published on Science, CancerCell, and PNAS.


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