Summer Vacation Programs in 2018

Summer Vacation Programs in 2018



University of Dundee, UK

This Program only applies to Chinese universities which have officially   signed the cooperative agreement with the University of Dundee.

This program includes knowledge learning, social practice and course   experience. Upon completion of all the courses, the university   will hold a formal ceremony to issue the students with official program   completion certificates. In addition, the students will receive 10   international credits from the University of Dundee for the program. Program   completion certificate issued by a UK university is a good reference for   proving of one’s overseas studying background, which will be beneficial to   his/her future endeavor.

Columbia University -Harvard   University, USA

Top professors from Columbia University and Harvard University will be   personally involved in the curriculum design, lecturing, tutorial and commenting   for this program. Additionally, how to socialize in American culture will   also be included. While studying in Columbia University, students will live   in the undergraduate student dormitory in Manhattan. While studying in   Harvard University, students will live in the undergraduate student dormitory   in Boston, where they can enjoy the same learning and living conditions as   local students.

Oriel College, University of Oxford   and Magdalene College, University of Cambridge;


This program is organized by Magdalene College, University   of Cambridge and Oriel College, University of Oxford.

Each student can voluntarily select 4 professional   courses from 80+ courses among 11 different disciplines. Top professors from   University of Oxford and University of Cambridge will deliver one course per   week. Upon completion of the courses, students will receive certificates of completion   and transcripts of credit from Magdalene College and/or Oriel College. Due to   the professional characteristics of the students in TMU, our students can take   part in a two-week study of medical courses in Magdalene College, University   of Cambridge, besides students can also choose to study other courses at   University of Oxford.

University of California, San   Diego, USA

University of California, San Diego is a world-class public   research-type university. In 2018, it ranked the 9th among all the public universities   in the USA.

This program includes two directions of study:

1)English for Study   of Pharmacy;

2)Medical English

The students in this program will study in the same   class as other regular students currently studying in this university, where   they are under the same standard of academic administration and assessment,   and will receive official transcripts from the University of California, San   Diego upon completion of the study.

“Health Science and Communication Skills”-University of   Adelaide, Australia

Established in 1885, the Medical School of the University   of Adelaide is now one of the most prestigious medical schools in Australia,   with its health and medical education and research in a leading position   world-wide.

“Health Science and Communication Skills” is a   short-term visiting program specifically designed for Chinese medical   students, which aims to help students understand the health care system in   Australia and experience its distinctive medical education mode.

The three-week course (altogether 72 credit hours) is   consisted of two sections. The first section is Intensive English Training, focusing   on medical English and terminology, while the second section is on Health   Science.

Upon successful completion of the courses, students   will get certificates of completion and transcripts issued by the university.


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